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Re: Hardware upgrade & FC3?

Kyrre Ness Sjobak wrote:

lør, 15.01.2005 kl. 18.28 skrev Terry Polzin:

On Saturday January 15 2005 11:11, Arangel Angov wrote:

I have FC3 installed at the moment on a lucky star KT100 motherboard,
with 512SD RAM and AMD Athlon 1.4GHz proccessor. I just got a good deal
on a brand new Soltek motherboard, 512 DDR RAM and AMD Athlon 2.4GHz
processor. My question is, how will fedora handle this hardware upgrade,
first of all will it boot? The HDD an all other other hardware will
remain as they are.

I just don't want to try it before I ask someone.. don't want to do a
new install if not nessecary.

What kind of HD and video?

Shouldn't video be OK as long as you use free drivers? When i switched
my voodo 3 for a flashy new geforce 2mx, FC2 did all correct, asked me a
couple of questions like "vodoo removal detected, reconfigure?" and
"nvidia attachment detected - configure?". All i did was "yes", and gdm
etc came up nicely.

Even with closed drivers , it shouldnt be an issue.. Except for ATI cards.. The fglrx config tool adds a line to the X config that says the device ID (or bus ID , dont remmember now the exactly item) that is motherboard dependent....
I had a bit of headache trying to understand what was going on and it took some time till found the option hidden in the X config...
now , for nvidia cards with the binary driver , works perfectly.. My brother changed his motherboard and everything worked as it should...

Pedro Macedo

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