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Re: kooka has gone koo koo

Le dimanche 16 janvier 2005 à 06:16 +0000, Dwaine Garden a écrit :
> Trying to get kooka running in KDE.   Does anyone know how to get around 
> this problem with glibc?
> QLayout: Adding QComboBox/PREVIEWFORMATCOMBO (child of 
> QVButtonGroup/unnamed) to layout for Previewer/unnamed
> *** glibc detected *** double free or corruption (!prev): 0x0865ea20 ***
> Alarm clock
> I tried to grab the source code and the same message comes up when the 
> new compiled version is ran.  
> Any suggestions?

Release note :
             o The version of glibc provided with Fedora Core 3 performs additional
               internal sanity checks to prevent and detect data corruption as early
               as possible. By default, should corruption be detected, a message
               similar to the following will be displayed on standard error (or
               logged via syslog if stderr is not open):
               *** glibc detected *** double free or corruption: 0x0937d008 ***
               By default, the program that generated this error will also be killed;
               however, this (and whether or not an error message is generated) can
               be controlled via the MALLOC_CHECK_ environment variable. The
               following settings are supported:
                  o 0 -- Do not generate an error message, and do not kill the
                  o 1 -- Generate an error message, but do not kill the program
                  o 2 -- Do not generate an error message, but kill the program
                  o 3 -- Generate an error message and kill the program
               If MALLOC_CHECK_ is explicitly set a value other than 0, this causes
               glibc to perform more tests that are more extensive than the default,
               and may impact performance.
               Should you have a program from a third party ISV that triggers these
               corruption checks and displays a message, you should file a defect
               report with the application's vendor, since this indicates a serious

> Dwaine.

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