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Re: X.Org X11 6.8.2rc2 ( is now available for testing in rawhide

My Dell 600m can sleep (echo 3 > /proc/acpi/sleep) and resume with this
version of X (and the latest FC3 kernel).

There is some problem with the ipw2100 driver, but I just unload it
before sleeping as a temporary hack.



On Fri, 2005-01-14 at 16:04 -0500, Mike A. Harris wrote:
> X.Org X11 6.8.2rc2 ( was released yesterday, and is now 
> available for testing for Fedora Core users in rawhide.  This is 
> the second release candidate of what will become 6.8.2 in the 
> coming weeks.  The 6.8.x series is a stable bugfix only series 
> which fixes bugs in 6.8.1 and contains no major new features.
> If you have had any problems with 6.8.1 as shipped in Fedora Core
> 3, or 6.7.0 as shipped in Fedora Core 2, please upgrade to
> in rawhide and test it well to see if the problems you
> may have experienced have been fixed now.  Please close any open 
> bug reports in both Red Hat and X.Org bugzilla if you have filed 
> a bug against X.Org and it is no longer present in the new RC2 
> rpms.
> Fedora Core 3 and rawhide users are both encouraged to do this, 
> as we will be releasing 6.8.2 as an update for FC3 once it is 
> finalized.
> Additionally, if you experience any regressions or other new 
> problems that did not occur in 6.8.1 or earlier, please report 
> these problems directly to X.Org, via the X.Org bugzilla at 
> freedesktop.org:  http://bugs.freedesktop.org in the "xorg" 
> component.  This will ensure that all X.Org developers have 
> a chance to see the bug report and possibly develop a 
> solution for the final 6.8.2 release.
> Thanks in advance for testing.
> -- 
> Mike A. Harris        ftp://people.redhat.com/mharris
> OS Systems Engineer   -   X11 Developer   -   Red Hat

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