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Re: latest kernels and ndiswrapper

On Mon, Jan 17, 2005 at 11:41:52PM -0300, Alexandre Strube wrote:
> > Why not?  Seems pretty clear that they're telling you it's not going to
> > work with Fedora 4k stack which AFAIK is in all FC3 and rawhide kernels.
> For what reason does fedora use that stack size? (besides breaking
> ndiswrapper, of course hehe).

It saves 4K per process of unswappable kernel memory and it reduces memory
pressure because the 8K stacks require 2 adjacent physical pages which means
you may have to boot stuff out to make room.

In addition the 8K stack is effectively a 4K stack for the process, a couple
of K for interrupts and some for the process data. Which means anything 
that requires 8K stack not 4K is likely to randomly stack overflow and crash
when worst cases situations occur. It might not crash all the time but it
will probably get you eventually.


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