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Re: newest gimp won't run

Nils Philippsen <nphilipp redhat com> writes:

> 0) Start with the gimp, gimp-devel packages
> 1) find out what packages are required ("rpm -q --requires ...")
> 2) find out which packages provide these requirements ("rpm -q
>    --whatprovides ...")
> 3) update these packages if necessary
> 4) repeat steps 1 through 3 until all packages are updated that gimp and
> gimp-devel require

[...] snipped nifty step thru

Hey thanks.  I'd never thought to do that in the 7-8 yrs I've been
using redhat then fedora.  Seeing it in print it looks terribly
obvious. hehe.

> If you want a fairly stable system, why do you use Rawhide?

I like new stuff, and have found over the years that I can run from
rawhide with a little care.  Even before there was a fedora, there was
rawhide.  From experience I'd say rawhide since the Advent of fedora
is more likely to be stable than before.

I also suspect the dire warning about rawhide are a little overstated.

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