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Re: More NetworkManager related update problems

On Tue, 2005-01-18 at 10:23 -0500, seth vidal wrote:
> > Jeff, you must be having a bad day.  I would normally not even respond
> > to this type of message, but you seem to be doing this a lot.
> >   
> > Your response to a posting for a problem that happen just this morning
> > is just rude.  We do not have the insight that you do to know that a
> > developer is working on a problem "right now".   I just did a cvs
> > checkout of the NetworkManager. 
> Well, to be fair to jeff, I noticed the same problem this morning and I
> went to bugzilla first, searched on wireless-tools in the fedora core
> product and found it in a few seconds. I added myself to the bug report
> and watched from there.
> I knew that it was being worked on b/c of that.

Ok, thanks for the insight.  
I'll do that also from now on.  I understand that the load for the
developers is great, and we need to do our home work a bit better.
What is the protocol to posting to the test list?  Is it after a bug has
been filed?  Or looked for and not found?


And I apologize Jeff.
Brian Millett - [ Sinclair, "And the Sky Full of Stars"]
"When I looked at those ships, I...I didn't just see my death. I saw the
death of the whole damn human race."

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