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Re: yum update problems

On Fri, 21 Jan 2005 15:33:48 +0000, Paul Johnson
<paul all-the-johnsons co uk> wrote:
> Yep. Running rawhide on the laptop and the main box at home. Works like
> a charm. Have been using rawhide since RH8!

Under no circumstances  should you ever ever ever say that rawhide
works like a charm in a publicly archived forum. You do a HUGE
disservice to the community and by doing so you encourage people who
are not prepared to troubleshoot potentially serious breakage to use
rawhide indescrimately and get into situations from which they are not
skilled enough in cmdline usage to effectively work their way out of.

Say it with me:  'rawhide eats babies'

The problems you are seeing with missing and conflicting dependancies
are the most trivial and most common problems associated with rawhide.
And I dare say.. that anyone who has been using rawhide on a daily
basis for a length of time long enough to cover a 2 release cycles
knows this sort of stuff happens regularly....especially during a
period between "test release phases." What you are seeing right now is
a generally expected problem.. especially when packages are under
heavy development and there is significant nightly churn in the
rawhide tree. The nightly rawhide build tree can inconsistent because
either something didn't build correctly and was thus not updated or an
explicit spec file dependancy was not updated to reflect the upgrade
of another package.

You fix this by searching for bugzilla reports against the specific
packages with dependancy problems. If there are no reports you file a
bug to make the package maintainers aware if they are not already
aware of the problem.  I'm actually somewhat concerned that someone
using rawhide as long as you have needs to ask for assistance on how
to deal with such a minor and regularly occuring rawhide problem.

-jef"part of the rushing horde hell bent on reaching Saturday,
sometime today"spaleta

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