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KnewsTicker stutters

I don't know if anyone else has seen this symptom, but I first
noticed it on FC2, then it apparently went away, but now on my
newly built FC3 production system, its back.

I use KDE, and have KnewsTicker installed on the task bar,
and its monitoring a few web sites.

Whenever you 'swipe'-select some text or multi-click to select text
in the URL of a browser... KNewsTicker's scrolling becomes stuttery...
A short pause every second.

(You can also select text on any window, but that doesn't seem
to cause the error every time. Only under some circumstances.)

You can stop the stuttering, by openning Klipper, and
selecting an entry, or by selecting 'clear clipboard".

So it seems as though there is some interaction between
'text selection' and process execution.  I don't know if it
affects all process execution, or just KnewsTicker.

Reported as Bugzilla # 121768.

Comments anyone?

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