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Re: yum update problems

On Fri, 2005-01-21 at 14:23 -0500, Jeff Spaleta wrote:

> Rawhide eats babies. There is no truer statement.

Yes it does ... beware!!!

Just because someone doesn't have problems on their particular system
has no relevance to "your" system.

> problems are fixed
> primarily via bugreports not primarily with list discussion.

However, an important step if you do not wish to search bugzilla for
your particular problem.

> And I stand by my statement... I am greatly concerned about how
> someone who has been using rawhide for multiple number of years hasn't
> learned that these sort of packaging problems are common and that to
> get them resolved is to get bugreports filed that maintainers are
> going to see. This would indicate a failure of communication as to
> rawhide's goals and how to use rawhide in a responsible manner to
> generate useful feedback to package maintainers.

Correct, but none the less, this will continue to happen.  Nothing we
can do?  Maybe modify the email trailer to link a query in bugzilla.
But then again, many of the reports currently in bugzilla are
duplicates, wasting maintainer's resources.  There still seems to be a
large waste of resources in the tester/mail-list/bugzilla/maintainer
infrastructure.  I think that this infrastructure could be much improved
saving important and limited maintainer resources.

> You absolutely can not depend on a maintainer reading a post in a
> mailinglist, maintainers are made aware of problems via bugzilla so
> that issues can be tracked. 

I see this as a problem with the existing infrastructure.

> He asked how to get it fixed.. i gave him
> the the answer.  I am very concerned that someone running rawhide
> regularly since rhl8 hasn't repeatedly run into several of the
> inumerably infinite packaging errors resulting in exactly the same
> sorts of dependancy problems. This sort of thing is very common with
> rawhide and probably the most trivial sort of problem to confirm.

Agreed, but if left unresolved will continue to occur regularly.  I
think this symptom is a factor in your stated frustration.

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