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Re: Anaconda failure

Gregory Woodbury wrote:
I went to test a fresh install of rawhide/development and anaconda quit
with an X-windows related failure.  I couldn't get a decent trace.
With no real information, I'm reluctant to bugzilla it, but wanted to
mention it somewhere.

AMD K6-2 @400MHz   320MBram  ATI Mach64 video   other standard

If you got as far as the filesystem being created, you might find some decent files with failure information under root. You might go into rescue mode and mount and check the /root directory.

I have a system with an ATI Mach64 video card and was wanting to try a rawhide installation. If I have success or failure, I'll see what I can find. I can install with either an 815 or the ATI as primary video.


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