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Re: What's starting esound?

Jeffrey W. Stein wrote:

On Mon, 2005-01-24 at 02:13 +0000, Dwaine Garden wrote:

John Ellson wrote:

sean darcy wrote:

top shows 2 instances /usr/bin/esd taking 40% each of cpu.

/usr/bin/esd -terminate -nobeeps -as 2 -spawnfd 17

I think this is related to my problem where gnome won't start and arts dies.

What's starting esd? And why doesn't the daemon just go into background?


I don't know what starts it, but I was seeing the same problem. My solution was to "mv /usr/bin/esd /usr/bin/esd.broken"

It seems to be impossible to just remove esound because everything, including that kitchen sink - nautilus, depends on it.


I'm seeing the same thing. When I kill esd, and then later on launch something. It will restart esd again. Have to go back and kill it again.


Could it be related to shockwave?

I see a lot of swf (shock wave flash?) processes sitting around after I
have been browsing with firefox. I usually also see an esd process
hanging around at the same time.

They seem to be grabbing my sound, keeping MythTV from being able to
provide audio when I try to watch TV using my PVR-250 TV card.



Its not shockwave here because I refuse to install it.


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