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why do I need to do a modprobe huchicoochi dance?

I am running rawhide.  
I just noticed that the usb flashdrive does not get mounted, or
anything.  It is because none of the modules are loaded for usb storage.
I do not know which system this would apply to.  HAL?  HOTPLUG?
This was working until a week or so ago.  I know its a bit vague, but I
didn't test for every update.  Its just when I used it last, it worked
with out all of the modprobe stuff.  I have to do the following dance to
get the flashdrive to be mounted.

[bpm]$ sudo modprobe usb-ohci
[bpm]$ sudo modprobe uhci-hcd
[bpm]$ sudo modprobe ehci-hcd
[bpm]$ sudo modprobe scsi-mod
[bpm]$ sudo modprobe usb-storage

I know I can put this in rc.local & other places, but what behavior

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