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Re: XFCE components at two different revison levels

Jeff Spaleta wrote:

On Wed, 26 Jan 2005 10:02:19 -0500, Rob Shewan <rshewan lio aacisd com> wrote:

Is there an underlying reason? I seems as though a partial update has
been downloaded to the distribution server.

Most likely build errors. The 4.2.x items were added on jan 25th
according to their changelogs.. so today is probably the first or
second day they have been built as part of the development tree. Build errors when new upstream versions are introduced aren't uncommon
for the development tree. If you are concerned, wait a couple of days
and file a bug report to make sure the package maintainer is aware
that the some of the 4.2.x xfce items didn't rebuild.


I have filed several bugs just minutes ago ;->

This has been that status for some time. The same problem existed with prereleases of version 4.2, that is 4.1.99.

Thanks for the response.

Rob Shewan

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