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Re: Semperon processors

What kind of odd noises, and how do you think they relate to the problem?  If your computer makes funny noises at a higher clock speed it suggests a hardware problem more than something in the kernel ( or at least based on the details you have supplied ).

In the case that you don't believe that it is a Hardware problem, have you tried booting something else?  For example a Linux bood CD, windows install CD or something else to see what kind of result that produces.

If there was a problem with the kernel, you would expect to find it at all clock speeds.

On Thu, 2005-01-27 at 00:00 +0000, Paul wrote:

My old motherboard and processor bit the dust at the end of last week
and so I've fitted a Semperon (Athlon changed their x86 processor names
to Semperon - Aths are now all x64) on a Gigabyte GA7N400 board.

Now, if I have the processor set at 1GHz, it is recognised as an Athlon
and will boot happily. If I switch it to be the 2.4GHz Semperon that it
is, I get kernel panics and some very odd noises from the machine

Any ideas if there is a problem with Semperon processors and the kernel
or is there some way I can get around this with a boot line fix?

I'm on rawhide and the 1109 kernel.


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