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FC3 Irq conflicts on laptop

I first noticed this problem when I first got a PCMCIA atheros based
wireless card to work. The problem begins whenever I start the wireless
card and then plug in an external USB 2.0 hard drive, mount it, and then
begin browsing the the drive using nautilus, xmms, etc... A quick look
at 'top' shows the logging facilities in FC3, klogd and syslogd, taking
up almost all of the cpu. I then look at the /var/log/messages log in
which i find that the error

serial8250: irq 11 has too much work

is being added to the file at an incredible rate. This of course spurs
me to check the IRQs in proc...

cat /proc/interrupts CPU0 0: 1640085 XT-PIC timer 1: 1403 XT-PIC i8042 2: 0 XT-PIC cascade 9: 2 XT-PIC acpi 11: 164675 XT-PIC ohci1394, ALI 5451, ehci_hcd, ohci_hcd, ohci_hcd, yenta, yenta, yenta, yenta, ath0, eth0 12: 685 XT-PIC i8042 14: 33533 XT-PIC ide0 15: 36 XT-PIC ide1 NMI: 0 ERR: 6

I find it completely ridiculous that irq11 is so overloaded while other irqs are either empty or almost completely empty. I then look within the pcmcia.opts configuration file to see whether I can switch yenta to a different interrupt, I instruct the config parser to 'ignore' irq11. Changing this and then either restarting pcmcia or simply restarting the computer has absolutely no effect upon IRQs.

So I guess my question essentially spurs from something that I once read
that seemed to suggest to me that pcmcia.opts is not the first file to
be parsed, it is overridden by settings somewhere else. Which
essentially boils down to this; where can I definitively set the irq
used by pcmcia?

Thanks in advance
-John Degenstein

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