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Re: Semperon processors

On Fri, 2005-01-28 at 14:09, Paul Johnson wrote:
> Hi,
> > "After a short look at our benchmark results the conclusion is clear:
> > AMD's Sempron is able to outperform Celeron D in most applications."
> Except one on my machine - actually working!
> It has the updated BIOS for the semperon. If I turn the clock down so
> it's identified as a 1500+ rather than 2400+, it gets through happily to
> the desktop and works. Bang it back to being a 2400+ and it won't hit
> the desktop.
> Remove rhgb and things go a bit further (roughly boots halfway - gets to
> applying iptables and then gives that annoying 2 tone oscillating
> noise). Put it back on and as soon as it gets past mounting the drives,
> annoying 2 tone noise.
> Doesn't matter which kernel version it is either.

Sounds very strange indeed Paul. 

Things to try maybe:

- Tried resetting the CMOS and configuring the BIOS from scratch? Might
be some obscure setting left over from when the Celeron was living on
the board.

- Can you run memtest86+? This could also be a faulty DIMM (or maybe
even the motherboard itself)

- What's the core temperature on the CPU (if this is available in the
BIOS)? Could be bad cooling.

I've never come across this "2 tone oscillating noise" you mention
though - are you able to identify it's exact source?

Best of luck,

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