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Re: Semperon processors

Em Sex, 2005-01-28 às 15:43 -0600, RON FLORY escreveu:
> > That got me thinking - just checked, current CPU temperature 100oC. Me
> > thinks the problem may be found...
>   Just a note, But I've encountered this problem on several motherboards
> and laptops with FC3 where the CPU fan is turned off, causing overtemp
> and shutdown.  This happens when using the FC3 installed kernel image.
>   This is not isolated to Semperon, one of the systems was a Pentium-3.
>   Rebuilding the kernel (stock from kernel.org after clearing all FC3
> kernel settings) resolved it.
>   I never reported because I didn't think anybody would believe me...

I remember those "soft-coolers" for windows 98. Someone once said me
they weren't necessary for linux, since kernel does that.

What they used to do was set the instruction halt (or something alike)
when the processor was idle. Having setiathome running forever will make
those softcoolers only a waste of memory.

I don't know what could be changed so fedora don't have this.

Alexandre Strube <surak surak eti br>

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