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Re: openoffice

Alexandre Strube wrote:
Em Sex, 2005-01-28 às 12:11 -0800, Dan Hollis escreveu:

any reason it can't be made available on extras?

no, please not double versions - openoffice 2 is already being shipped
as rpm openoffice guys. why don't way for a final release?

I read briefly that openoffice 2 comes with base, I believe. Has anyone tried out this feature? Is this a usable, uncomplicated database or is it pretty intensive to setup.

I'm more for shipping any version of openoffice that can enhance the usability. I also thing that Fedora would do well including a worthy database with an easy to use frontend.

I take it that Openoffice rpms are available from the openoffice.org site. If from some other sire, where are the rpms available?


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