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Re: openoffice

Paul wrote:

I read briefly that openoffice 2 comes with base, I believe. Has anyone tried out this feature? Is this a usable, uncomplicated database or is it pretty intensive to setup.

It's pretty easy to set up and use.

I take it that Openoffice rpms are available from the openoffice.org site. If from some other sire, where are the rpms available?

The RPMs on the OOo website are for SuSE and Redhat. They work fine
under rawhide.



The packages work pretty much on FC3. I did get surprised by Base, which is my interest primarily in OO v2.

I get this error:

OpenOffice.org requires a Java Runtime Environment (JRE). Please install a JRE and restart OpenOffice.org

Anyway, I never installed JRE before. If Base will be included with OO2 in Fedora, if it arrives. Would provisions be made for overcoming this requirement, or is Base probably out of the picture?


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