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Re: openoffice

Rodd Clarkson wrote:

As I see it, given that FC is a download only distro, I'm all for the
occasional inclusion of pre-release software.  If you want totally
solid, you shouldn't be using FC (IMHO).

"Totally solid" is somewhat subjective.... In general, I disagree with shipping software with FC if the software has *known* problems.

I think a lot of people use FC as an alternative to MS products
*because* FC is pretty reliable for non-critical work. If you really
want/need better stability, use one of pay-for-it distributions (RHEE etc).

Channels are already in place to distribute bleeding-edge versions of
software (rawhide?), but that should not be the *default*.

Personally, I like the *leading-edge* of FC with frequent package
updates, and a short release cycle... maybe as my skills improve etc,
I'll start getting updates from rawhide and playing more dangerously...
but don't start imposing those higher risks on FC in general. Let people
decide to increase risk on their own.

Bottom line: there's already a working process for distributing
pre-release software to the FC community, that's rawhide. Don't start
distributing pre-release software with the final-release iso images.

Don Russell

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