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Re: Installing Fedora Core with root on Reiserfs

On Tuesday 19 July 2005 01:59, Jeff Mahoney <jeffm suse com> wrote:
> >> If the root file system is reiserfs then reiserfs.ko will (or at least
> >> should) be included in the initrd.
> >
> > Right, but initrd is in /boot which is not something separate: it is on
> > the same reiserfs root partition..
> The situation you're describing is one that is well tested by now.
> If the root filesystem is reiserfs, and /boot is a part of it,
> reiserfs.ko MUST be in the initrd. Otherwise, there is a chicken/egg
> problem and the system will not boot.

This works in all my tests.  The reiserfs.ko module is apparently in the 

Also if the original bug concerned a lack of reiserfs.ko in the initrd then 
re-running GRUB would not fix things.

I can't reproduce the bug, it just works for me.

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