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Re: Are these official fc4 iso's?

On Sat, 2005-06-11 at 16:39 -0700, Nathan Grennan wrote:

> > So in plain old English for us mere mortals, does that mean that this
> > torrent is legit?  They are the final FC4 ISO images?
> Most likely, with two potential problems. One, you have to trust me or
> do the tests yourself. Two, Red Hat could find a bug that causes it to
> format partitions when told not to at random today and then decide to
> make a new release. One is easy to solve, and two is a small risk.
> Another issue is that yum isn't going to work very well since most
> mirrors aren't open. Some repositories have some FC4 packages, but not
> all of them. Others have no FC4 packages.
> Overall in general I say go for it if you are already running a FC4 test
> or rawhide. Because there is just as much risk. If you are still running
> FC3 it is probably best to stick with FC3 for another few days at least.

I don't know if everyone saw the message on the Fedora list about the


I am downloading at about 170 KB/s right now, and the files to be
downloaded are:


I'll let everyone know how it looks when I get done.


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