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Re: FC5 Wishlist

Daniel Roesen wrote:

On Mon, Jun 20, 2005 at 03:02:23PM -0400, Jeff Spaleta wrote:

On 6/20/05, Daniel Roesen <dr cluenet de> wrote:

Then work on a script which generates a web page out of not-closed
bugzilla RFEs in pretty-print, with links to the bug filings. Then you
have your pretty overview for people who can't query bugzilla for RFEs.

Actually.. no... it wouldnt... I think part of the point of the wiki
page is to hilight certain feature requests where there is some
agreement that this is a worthwhile feature..

Agreement between whom?

Between developers working on it

Another point of the wiki pages was to provide an
editorial summary of discussions that happen here on the mailinglists.

That's fine. But then the comment "add it to the Wiki" toward people who bring up ideas on the mailing lists is just wrong. And exactly that happened and was what I commented on.

The wiki is NOT meant to replace bugzilla as a tracking tool. Its
meant to supplement discussion which sprawls over month long circular
threads in the
mailinglists to provide a central point of information and informed
opinion about what people are thinking and already talking about about
in the lists.

Fact is that someone proposed InfiniBand support and another one (Rahul)
has sent him to the Wiki to add it there. So he promoted the Wiki as
the means to collect RFEs.

No reason you couldnt file RFE's in bugzilla and add them to the wiki page


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