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Re: Bad iso image

On Wednesday 16 March 2005 04:22 pm, John Pearson wrote:
> I have downloaded the dvd iso image for Fedora Core 4, test 1, etc.  The
> sha1sum hash on the completed torrent matches the published spec.  The copy
> of the same images hashes clean on the machine that I am using to burn the
> image. [using Nero 5.5 under windows XP.  All that is available here and
> now.]  I have made 3 dvd copies using different batches of blanks.  None of
> them passes the test.  None of them produces a working machine.  Although I
> am able to install both FC2 and FC3 on the machine in question.  Is there
> something else that I can do or need to try?
> -jpearson

NB:  In order to create a usable installation I had to install to a pata

03/16/2005-06:25:32 PM-EST
FC4T1 - up and running.  I flipped a coin, grabbed a dvd and installed.  The
warning about post-process was both right and wrong.  Graphical login spun
right up, and I can take root.  I will have to create a standard user later.

Network connectivity verified through lan firewall.

System looks like this:
Gigabyte GA-K8NS motherboard [nForce3 250 chipset]
AMD64 2800+
1.0G DDR400 ram
30G Maxator ide [lost the rest of the documentation]
70G Seagate sata

You recommended yum for update.  I will try it.  I have used apt/synaptic up
to this point.

The installation to this point is Personal Desktop [minimum - except for joe
as text editor of choice.]



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