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Re: various

Jeff Spaleta ha scritto:

sha1sum is used with this release
not md5sum.

Sorry, sha1sum is ok!
when I started the installation I've checked the media (because I was thinking checksum was wrong) and anaconda said to me that the test fails, I've installed anyway FC4-test1 without any problem.
The media is a DVD+RW by Samsung 4x certified used for the first time, and when I burn it I verified the media with Nero that said to me that was ok!

updates for test release come stricting from the development tree. You
are looking in the wrong place. Look down into:

Ok! This is the information that I need!

Probably worth filing in bugzilla then.

I've typed "language" with filter for Fedora Core 4 test 1 --> one result: #136648 <https://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=136648> bug that is another bug!

Anyway thanks for all that answers, I'm not stupid!
But better "a lot" than "none"...in this case.

Answers to other posts:
- I know that I can download from another OS or PC, but now I know WHERE to download thanks to Jeff.
- I know that gdm was broken, I have said in my first email!


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