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Re: Vmware 5 build 13014

Guilherme Cantisano wrote:

I installed FD4-B1 on Vmware 5 without any problem, I also installed vmware tools.. but I think the graphic interface get too slow to start, any help ?

The program for logging into X in runlevel 5 called gdm sucks up an enormous amount of cputime from the computer. You need to download the newer version that is located in the development directory for gdm, located at your chosen mirror.

My beta test expired before I could try VMWare version 5 for Linux on FC4T1. It seemed to run the virtual MS programs better than through true hardware. It does seem to be a great improvement over version 4.5 (Which is all my workplace has a license for). Fortunately, it was not a difficult task to change the FC3 host - MS guests to run again on XP host -windows guest (change the floppy, serial and parallel port settings from a pulldown from /dev/device to windows terms from pulldown menus.)

I couldn't get FC4T1 to install successfully on one pass through on vmware 4.5. I didn't expect that it would freeze up so early in the installation process. (XP host)


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