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Dual booting FC3 and FC4T1?

Hey all:

OK, I'm not exactly sure how to describe the problem I'm
having, but I had FC3 installed on my first partition, and I had a
swap partition, and some free space.

So I installed FC4T1 into the free space, into a partition I created
during the installl process. I didn't install grub, but added
FC4T1 to the grub.conf from my FC3 install.

This doesn't work, and somehow my FC4T1 install is picking up
information from my FC3 install, like the user I created in FC3 is
available in FC4.

I have no idea what I'm doing here, but it seems like maybe
there is a problem with the whole partition label scheme?

Could anyone point me towards some info on how to dual boot fedora
and fedora?


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