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Re: What's Happening With Fedora Core 4 Test 1?

Fred New wrote:

On 21. märts 2005. a. 14:35, Robert L Cochran wrote:

I was on a business trip when Fedora Core 4 Test 1 was released. I disabled my mail delivery from this list during that time. Is there anything I need to know about installing this release and getting it to work? I'm downloading the x86_64 version. Any pitfalls?


I'm not up on the x86_64 news, but I installed x86 yesterday.

First, the NFS and hard disk installations don't work because
the installer doesn't mount the iso files correctly.

After installing, you will probably need to manually install
sqlite and update yum.  By "manually", I mean you can't use yum;
download from the development directory and install using rpm

And then there is a problem with gdm that causes syslogd to
go crazy and slows down your system a lot. So gdm should be
the next thing you update.

After that, your system will work a lot better and you can
update the rest of your packages - several hundred megabytes
worth.  (I wish I had updated gdm before updating the rest
of my packages; it was slooooow.)


Thanks, this is the sort of heads up I am looking for. I'll burn all 5 CDs since NFS installs are broken. I'll be sure to update gdm right away.


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