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Re: We will soon be at FC4 and system-config-packages will still fall short

  i love the gnome desktop but i use k3b and other kde applications . i think they should all be interchangeable .
    as long as theres no windows on my computer you will never hear a argument from me lol

On Sat, 2005-03-26 at 22:15 -0500, Lamar Owen wrote:
On Saturday 26 March 2005 00:17, Matthew Miller wrote:
> On Fri, Mar 25, 2005 at 10:56:49AM -0500, Lamar Owen wrote:
> > I don't use GNOME, so nautilus is irrelevant to me.  I like and use KDE
> > and

> Not if you're looking at it as an example of UI design.

But that's the point.  I simply have not looked at it, and putting it up as a 
design to look after it irrelevant to someone who doesn't use it.  The point 
was simply that a gui frontend to a cli program can work OK, and k3b is a 
good example.  Of course, maybe you prefer GNOME and don't want KDE on your 
machine.  Well, that's certainly your choice.  But that also doesn't change 
the fact that k3b makes nice use of growisofs and cdrecord, without being 

To answer the later responses in the thread, first, it's not a religious 
thing.  It's a simple preference, to which I'm entitled, as are you.  To the 
second, thank you for calling me a kid.  Nice to be called younger than I 
am.  :-). 

After maintaining the PostgreSQL RPMs for five years I've seen religious 
arguments, and this ain't one.  Gotta do better than that.
Lamar Owen
Director of Information Technology
Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute
1 PARI Drive
Rosman, NC  28772

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