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Re: Successful FC4 install from virtual DVD.iso on VMWare 5

Richard Gardner wrote:
WinXP Host
P4 2.4GHz / 1.024GB RAM / 80 GB HDD
VMWare 5.12888

Chose Legacy install so I can import it later to my ESX 2.5 server.
Ergo, I chose SCSI 0:0 6GB, pre-allocated, all one file.

Graphical install, chose all defaults except no SeLinux, no firewall
Set my host name, otherwise, all default.

Here was the only way I could get past not walking back and seeing a frozen
screen, with non-responsive mouse.

Choose MINIMAL install.

Reboot, THEN go install what you want...  Just in case, during install, I
moved the mouse in slow motions the entire time... no idea if that actually
helped, or just kept me "involved" =)

GL. Richard.

I installed a workstation class (FC4T1) with only additions of mc and lynx to the fold. The installation took less than an hour and worked fine except for the gdm problem relatedto max CPU usage . (No internet for test machine to access internet.)
Adding an account when booting into runlevel 1 and then rebooting to runlevel 3 allowed firstboot to kick in (I didn't know what it was at first quiete a different looks from the GUI version.) starting X from another VT worked fine with no noticable failures.
I was disapointed with the lack of screensavers and the limitations to add/remove programs. It seemed that the listing was the same listing used by the installer. The program was hard to find components desired, so mounting disk 4 (guessed it would be there) and using rpm -Uvh xscreensaver*.rpm got the extras installed. I guess add/remove needs to be designed with a filter feature where you could type xscreen in a box, then it would list possible programs and resolve any needed programs later.

VMWare 5 looks promising though (linux beta). I did not have nearly the problems that 4.5 exhibits.


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