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Re: gaim & something else

Mary Ellen Foster wrote:

On 5/5/05, Matthew Lenz <matthew nocturnal org> wrote:

you shouldn't be having that problem with fc4t2 as i was under the
impression it used dmix (alsa software mixing) by default.

I do find that pure OSS apps still don't go through dmix -- e.g., if I'm using skype, I can't do anything else sound-related, and if aRts is running skype won't connect. Is there anything that you can put into .asoundrc to make OSS emulation go through dmix?


Adding the following section got some OSS apps to work correctly for
me.  It seems that applications that only support OSS are the most
troublesome.  I don't know about skype (never used it), but artsd can be
configured to use ALSA.  The following example assumes that you have
already configured a plugin for dmix/asym that is named 'asym'.  If you
would like my full configuration, let me know.

pcm.dsp0 {
       type plug
       slave.pcm "asym"

ctl.mixer0 {
       type hw
       card 0

-Patrick "The N-Man" Barnes
nman64 n-man com

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