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Fedora Core 4 Test Update: perl-5.8.6-16.fc4

Fedora Test Update Notification

Product     : Fedora Core 4
Name        : perl
Version     : 5.8.6                      
Release     : 16.fc4                  
Summary     : The Perl programming language.
Description :
Perl is a high-level programming language with roots in C, sed, awk
and shell scripting.  Perl is good at handling processes and files,
and is especially good at handling text.  Perl's hallmarks are
practicality and efficiency.  While it is used to do a lot of
different things, Perl's most common applications are system
administration utilities and web programming.  A large proportion of
the CGI scripts on the web are written in Perl.  You need the perl
package installed on your system so that your system can handle Perl

Install this package if you want to program in Perl or enable your
system to handle Perl scripts.


* Fri Nov 11 2005 Jason Vas Dias <jvdias redhat com> -
- fix bug 172587: 'map { print(reverse) } ("")x68' core dump

* Tue Nov  8 2005 Jason Vas Dias <jvdias redhat com> - 3:5.8.6-16
- fix bug 172739 / upstream bug 36521 - patch 25160 
- fix CAN-2004-0976: insecure use of temporary files

* Wed Nov  2 2005 Jason Vas Dias <jvdias redhat com> - 3:5.8.6-16
- fix bug 171111 / upstream bug 37535: incorrect IOCPARM_LEN
- fix bug 172236 / upstream bug 37582: h2ph not generating C standard headers
- fix bug 172256 / upstream bug 34498: h2ph can't handle #defines in enums
- fix bug 172316: Encode v2.8 panic on invalid UTF-8 input
- fix bug 172336 / upstream bug 37056: backport upstream patch 25084:
  prevent realloc recursion on ERANGE errors from nss get* functions

This update can be downloaded from:

dd07b4888cc5fa0288c0ecab2b983707  SRPMS/perl-5.8.6-16.fc4.src.rpm
384710d5ddc94d46f91e572c2bb527bb  ppc/perl-5.8.6-16.fc4.ppc.rpm
282e69f61d6eb352f3677171d3b4a67f  ppc/perl-suidperl-5.8.6-16.fc4.ppc.rpm
49cd8a0d6f73897a409ccb5e6d906f2b  ppc/debug/perl-debuginfo-5.8.6-16.fc4.ppc.rpm
ac6bc159011bb694db193f4f960f717d  x86_64/perl-5.8.6-16.fc4.x86_64.rpm
e8174890d0cfa456e70f02e3064eb386  x86_64/perl-suidperl-5.8.6-16.fc4.x86_64.rpm
aea87ff09380f9a6edc35f224b59755f  x86_64/debug/perl-debuginfo-5.8.6-16.fc4.x86_64.rpm
01e85b3b0194df152417daf720b92d9f  i386/perl-5.8.6-16.fc4.i386.rpm
242a2aa1995b6526725ae9349ef67d43  i386/perl-suidperl-5.8.6-16.fc4.i386.rpm
446abea08755058dbcf0d0b74f501a74  i386/debug/perl-debuginfo-5.8.6-16.fc4.i386.rpm

This update can also be installed with the Update Agent; you can
launch the Update Agent with the 'up2date' command.  You may 
need to edit your up2date channels configuration.  Within 
/etc/sysconfig/rhn/sources enable the following line: 
yum updates-testing http://download.fedora.redhat.com/pub/fedora/linux/core/updates/testing/4/$ARCH

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