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Re: x86-64 rawhide update obnoxiousness

On Mon, Oct 10, 2005 at 10:53:08AM -0600, Jonathan Corbet wrote:
> So...am I the only one who regularly runs into trouble trying to follow
> rawhide on x86-64?  Recent example: an update just failed with:
> 	Transaction Check Error:   file /usr/share/man/man5/ldap.conf.5.gz from install of openldap-2.2.28-2 conflicts with file from package openldap-2.2.26-1
> ...and so on.

If you have packages like 'openldap' installed for both i386 and
x86_64 architectures then an attempt to update one without the other
will produce conflicts like the one which you quote above.

Even worse is a situation when there are no conflicts and such
"partial update" will get through.  The problem is that even if
a missing package will show up later yum will not notice that
something is amiss and it will not do an update.  I guess that this
can be considered a bug in yum.

On various occasions it happened that x86 packages were "forgotten"
or just totally "vanished" from x86_64 repositories.  I guess that
these was caused by various hiccups in an automated system which
puts together these updates.  A simple workaround on x86_64 is to
add to your yum configuration one more repository, say "rawhide-32",
which points explicitly to 'i386' instead of '$arch'.  If things can
be resolved using a "regular archive" then this additional one will
be not bothered; but if something is missing then these packages
will be grabbed from that additional one.

If you are using 'mirrorlist' in your configuration then get
replace "$ARCH" by "i386", and whatever else other changes you would
like there, and  put 'mirrorlist=file:///path/to/my/own/mirror/list'
in that extra config.  This works too.


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