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Re: Spamassassin not learning or is sendmail at fault?

PFJ schrieb:


I'm not sure where the fault lies here.

I have a problem with someone sending me a lot of unpleasant email. I
have their email address, IP address and the such. There is nothing
illegal in the emails and certainly nothing I can complain to their ISP
over - it's just a lot of email.

I have a sendmail rule set up which has

FROM: some_fool uk-isp co uk REJECT

I ran the makefile and restarted sendmail.

Whenever email from this person comes through, I hit the junk button on
evolution which sends the email to the Junk folder.

However, emails from said person keep getting through to my inbox. Is
this just spamassassin not learning or is it sendmail misbehaving?
Sendmail should reject it. Once the mail is getting far to hit Spamassassin you are wasting resources. From above rule the syntax is incorrect: there must be no whitespace between "From:" and the address. If the sender always uses the same sending host you may prefer

Connect:        REJECT

For reference please see http://www.sendmail.org/m4/anti_spam.html#access_db



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