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Re: Please strip out the patch that brings up applications behind gnome-terminal

2006/2/1, Miles Lane <miles lane gmail com>:
> On 1/31/06, Rudi Chiarito <nutello sweetness com> wrote:
> > On Tue, Jan 31, 2006 at 05:23:20PM -0800, Miles Lane wrote:
> > > The most aggrevating example, though, is when I start ANY application
> > > from gnome-terminal (emacs, amarok, firefox, whatever).  I now have to
> > > click on the application window to give it focus.  I hate this!  I,
> > > personally, think it is brain-dead to not give focus to applications
> > > when they start (with the exception of dialogs which should be "system
> > > modal" in Windows parlance).
> >
> > What if you start something in the background in your shell? GNOME has
> > no way to know whether you just typed "emacs" or "emacs &". In the
> > latter case you don't necessarily want the focus transferred to Emacs.
> When I use "emacs &", it doesn't mean I want to continue what I was
> doing in the shell and use emacs later.  In my usage, it means that
> I want to be _able_ to switch back and forth between emacs and
> shell commands, but I want to use emacs immediately.  If I didn't want
> to interact emacs immediately, I would wait until later to start it up.
> > Anyway, do you do anything with gnome-terminal or any other program
> > after you start the application, but before its window actually opens?
> I have tried not doing anything until the executed program window is
> displayed.  The program window still shows up beneath the terminal
> window.
> > Metacity's focus-stealing prevention is supposed to kick in only if you
> > interact with anything else after you started the application - the new
> > window then will not grab the focus.
> I am not talking about focus, I am talking about what windows are
> shown on top!  Personally, I expect focus to always go to the top
> window.
> > It's not supposed to be
> > unconditional, unless there's a bug that ought to be reported.
> > What happens if you enter "emacs" and keep your hands away from the mouse and
> > the keyboard?
> Are you a FC developer?  Have you checked the behavior?
> It is unconditional.  So, I should file a bug, eh?
> Again, I think Fedora should reject this change to Metacity.
> I know that Redhat maintains custom kernel patches.  Can we
> have a Metacity that doesn't implement this nutty window management?
> Does Fedora Core have any influence over the development decisions
> of the Metacity project?  Are we simply at the mercy of their whims?
>          Miles
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i am sure that if you have really good arguments a single person has
influence aswell.

rudolf kastl

p.s. i think such a setting requires a trainable ai... when do we get
trainable ai for the gnome desktop behaviour?

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