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Re: Keyboard support Canada Multilingual

Mike A. Harris wrote:
> > Is this going to be fixed for test 3.
> > 
> > Canada french  was perfectly mapped in core4. Broken in core5.
> > 
> > I can make it work with
> > 
> > setxkbdmap "ca(fr)"
> That's the new standard way of selecting the french variant of the
> Canadian keyboard layout AIU.

The xkb data for this is fine. The problem is that you can't select this
widely-used map through Anaconda's keyboard list, nor through
>System>Administration>Keyboard aka system-config-keyboard (I'll
disregard KDE's Control Panel, which seems utterly broken in this regard
right now!).

> > being written as a line in my bash profile. But it does not appear
> to be 
> > effective universally (control-alt-f1, for example).
> If you believe there is a bug in the support, please file a bug report
> in X.Org bugzilla at http://bugs.freedesktop.org in the "xorg"
> component.

Ctrl-Alt-F1 brings the user to VT1, which is typically a text console -
so it's the "loadkeys" map that matters there. The command to load the
console map that corresponds to the xkb map "ca(fr)" is:

          loadkeys cf

("cf" for Canadian French)

> All xkb bugs should be filed in the X.Org bugzilla.  Once they're
> resolved by the upstream maintainers, we will review the changes
> for potential inclusion in future builds.

I disagree - this is a Fedora Core issue, not an X.org issue. In both
cases (X and console), the upstreams has done their jobs and provided
working maps, they're just not being used or made accessible to users by
FC. Anaconda and system-config-keyboard are both FC/RedHat projects.

Chris Tyler

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