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Re: vino causing high processor usage

I have a PIII 700 MHz Dell Inspiron 8000 laptop with 512MB memory that I am testing FC5T3 on. I actively use vino to connect to the system remotely, and I notice it is a bit slower when I accessing it that way, rather than at the console. Nothing worsethan expected for accessing a desktop over a network though.

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Sent: Friday, February 24, 2006 7:34 AM
Subject: vino causing high processor usage

Just gave vino a try on fc5test3 and found that using
vino on the machine by
enabling it in remote desktop has rather a detrimental
effect on system
performace as compared with how it was in FC4.

When idle just viewing the remote destop with nothing
else but system-monitor
running the idle usge on my AMD Athalon 1200 machine
goes up quite alarmingly
to about 50% and the system slows to a crawl as a
result, previously in FC4
on the same hardware this was not evident.

Is anyone else seeing high processor usage when vino
is in use.

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