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Re: FC5 Test 3 can't even boot

After researching these symptoms on the isolinux mailing list

 "Unknown keyword in config file", and
 "Could not find kernel image"

there seem to be many people having similar symptoms on their
non-Fedora systems too.  There are many comments about being
BIOS related, but I could not find any definitive answer,
because none of the responses described what the BIOS problem
might be.

One person suggested a workaround that he found for his
system, and that worked for me on Test 3.

...When you enter 'linux' during the install bootstrap time,
it sort of activates macros in Isolinux's config file that
effectively causes Isolinux to invoke:

/isolinux/vmlinuz initrd=/isolinux/initrd.img

By entering this manually at the 'boot:' prompt,
I could still boot off of both the CD and DVD
distribution media, and continue the installation process.

(Of course I had anaconda fail and create a stack trace many
times, and had other issues, but at least I could boot the
installation process.)

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