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Re: Rawhide firefox

Stephen J. Smoogen <smooge gmail com> wrote:

> Have you done the usual Technical Support questions?

I believe so.  I have cleaned out all my extensions - actually, I even
created a new, clean account with no configuration at all.  Same thing.

> Does a second user on the system have the same problem? [Creating a
> second user and going to the website cause firefox to crap out on
> x86-64?]


> Does the box have anything non-64 bit installed like flash like
> plugins?

Nope, none of that stuff.

There was a question of what appears in /var/log/messages; there's one

Jan  5 08:24:14 bike kernel: firefox-bin[17558] trap int3 rip:348d72c237 rsp:7fffff874f40 error:0

I'll note that, as usual, I'm running a kernel.org kernel, but
everything else on the system is plain rawhide.  I'm a day or two behind
on updates, since yum gripes about a libgtop dependency in



Jonathan Corbet
Executive editor, LWN.net
corbet lwn net

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