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Re: threaded email viewer - re: Quoting and Answering

David Timms wrote:

If there is anyone willing to let us know what method you use to read the list, please reply to this thread ? And also whether your method supports threading ?

i prefer mozilla,
mozilla 4.x  ->  oe 4.x/5.x  :-[  -> netscape 6.x/7.x -> mozilla 0.x/1.x

10 accounts in 1profile for different mailinglists from a few mails per day to several hundreds per day for several years after several mozilla/netscape, fedora and machine updates and nearly no problems since several years.

you can move the mails into different folders with "message filter"
you can easily sort by (1 click) thread, subject, date, sender, recipient, size, read, junk, ...
you can label as    important, work, personal, todo, later
you can easily view (1 click) all, unread, <label>, last x days, has attachment, ... customize
you can search
you can use ldap / ldif
available for linux/mac/...

or try  thunderbird
or dovecot, procmail, squirrelmail, ...

Is there any web mail servers that can provide threaded message lists ?


Can ms lookout do it (haven't used it for 4 years) ?

afaik yes, but irc it has several problems (reply, imap, ...)


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