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[OT] Talking about Back Ports, Front Ports, and Support...

Totally OT but it may be of interest.

Once upon a time there was a OpSys maker named Convergent Technologies.

They supported everything, since version 1.0 and all was swell in the
land of CTOS.  Their clients loved them for this.  One such client
even had 100's of millions invested into this "backward"

Then one day the CTOS OpSys (as it was called) was "upgraded" to a
point where the backward compatibility was no longer possible.

The Convergent company (now owned by Unisys, who called their product
BTOS, go figure) had to tell their major outstanding successful client
that they must spend nearly 80 Billion upgrading all their systems to
support this now unique totally incompatible release of the CTOS

Guess what the client did?  They said that while CTOS was good it was
not that good and they switched to Windows.  (The client was the Bank
of Brazil.)  CTOS lost out, the Bank of Brazil, in the long run, lost
out -- the migration to Windows cost as much if not more than $80

For those who don't know CTOS is/was a Unix variant and was very much
command-form driven -- something I would like to see at the Unix
command prompt, for example

$ chmod [Enter]  and chmod would display a ncurses form with entry
points so that you could choose what paramters to set.  Of course they
would still be "legacy" behavior as well.

WC -Sx- Jones | http://ccsh.us/ | Open Source Consulting

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