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Re: gnome-panel crashes when loggin off - not as root!!

On 1/21/06, David Nielsen <gnomeuser gmail com> wrote:
> lør, 21 01 2006 kl. 23:59 +0100, skrev Roger Grosswiler:
> > i deleted .gconf everything with .gnome* and .gtk
> >
> > now it works, thanks. Was definitively my profile that crashed somehow.
> That is a very bad solution really, what happens with say fcX to FC5
> upgrades in profiles don't migrate properly. Unless you did something to
> your configuration to cause this I'd say it warrents investigation.
> I guess we'll have to test a migration once we get to test3 to see if
> the issue continues and under which conditions. Do you have a backup of
> the offending setup?

I followed a suggestion of somebody on fedora-devel and deselected
"Enable software
sound mixing (ESD)" in the Sound preferences panel.  Logout then
worked fine.  Reselecting it and it crashed.

It is possible that not playing sound is the default.  In that case,
using root or deleting the configuration directories go back to the
default which happens to work.  Temporarily disabling the event sounds
until the bug is fixed is much better than deleting all your settings.

 - Ian

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