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Re: Since a recent update of FC5T2 option to log in as another user on log out has dissapeared.

man, 23 01 2006 kl. 04:22 +0530, skrev Rahul Sundaram:

> If you have good constructive suggestions to improve more than just 
> opinions or even better your own better icons, file them against design 
> as a component in http://bugzilla.redhat.com.

Sadly my artistic skills never matured beyond stick figures. 

One thing that strikes me about icons is how hard it is to design good
icons in a world where i18n is in daily use. You can no longer rely on
representing the name of the command visually but rather you have to aim
for the intend of the command. 

One of the reasons I personally like the Tango icons so much is that 
they put a lot of work into that kind of thinking, ensuring that as a 
translator I'm not stuck in a situation where icon and text could
contradict. That and they are high quality work.

There are so many concerns to take into account, it's a wonder we even 
get work done at times.

I've stared at the icon for a good few minutes now, I believe it's some
sort of switch. Come to think of it representing the concept of shutting
down is very hard - a switch means at least two states, not to mention
that some switch standards have on default as high state and some low
state - which do we pick, that really depends on the locale setting, and
we can't really start switching icons based on that. 

More thinking is required, I predict a long blog rant and a bugzilla
report in my future.

- David

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