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Re: GRUB not written to MBR - rewrite problem

On Tue, 2006-01-24 at 20:26 -0500, Claude Jones wrote:
> I typed "grub" and got the grub prompt; I typed "help" and got the command 
> list, but it makes no sense to me  - could you point me at a page that would 
> explain this? "man grub" yields nothing. I'm looking... 

First you have to tell it where the root of your boot stuff is.  If you
have a separate boot partition it would be this partition.  If it is not
separate, and is / then it would be there.  Grub sees disks somewhat in
the order that your bios sees them.  So if you have one internal disk
that is most likely hd0.  So if the only other disk is the USB disk,
then that would be hd1.  Partitions start at 0.  So if your /boot
partition is the first partition on the USB disk it would be hd0,0.

so at the grub prompt you would type:

root (hd1,0)

Then you have to tell grub to install itself to an MBR or boot record.
This would then be the disk you want the system to load the boot loader
from, not always the place where your kernel lives.  In your case, you
want it to use the internal disk for boot loader info, so this is most
likely hd0.

setup (hd0)

It should find the stage1 and stuff and tell you.  You can now quit.

This is found in 'info grub' and selecting the Installation section,
followed by the 3.2 Installing GRUB natively.

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