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Install of FC6T1 via DVD failed with exception

I just downloaded the FC6T1 DVD, checked the sha1sum, burned it, tested
the media and started a fresh install to a 10GB partition which I told
anaconda to format ext3.  Everything went fine until the actual install.
After a short time, I got a message something like

"Error transferring install image to hard drive.  You are probably out
of disk space."

DVD reading continued, and then I got a window that said

"An unhandled exception has occurred.  This is most likely a bug.
Please save a copy of the detailed exception and file a bug report
against anaconda at your distribution provided bug reporting tool."

I saved the details to a floppy and it then rebooted.

I booted into FC5 to see if there were any posts like this yet - none
found.  I tried to read the anaconda dump .txt file on the floppy, and
it is unreadable.

I'll now report the bug.


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