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Fun with x86_64 FC6t1

I've been having great fun playing with FC6t1 on my dual core asus A8N-E
box, and thought I'd share my results so far (with the important ones
I also made bugzillas).


The first fun experience was trying to install with a 42" 1920x1080
LCD display which anaconda (and the radeon driver) insist on running
at 640x480 :-). Since I couldn't even see the "Next" button on the
first screen, I installed with an old CRT hooked to the VGA output
and the DVI disconnected.

I encountered the problem with the installer refusing to
believe I typed in the gateway and DNS info, but others have
reported that as well, so I didn't bother with a bugzilla there.


Having manually fixed the network, I ran into the normal problems
for an initial update with dependency issues, but once I threw out
some of the updates and found a subset I could apply it was happy
with I found the new "pup" updater tool can't display progress
while it is downloading, instead the windows freeze up completely
(at least it really does do the downloads and a few hours later
eventually wkes up and starts applying them).


I've got two sata drives in the onboard nforce4 driven interfaces.
They work perfectly on FC5, but with FC6, it can't talk to the 2nd
drive for some reason.


Having made it through all that, I was finally able to get to the
main thing I wanted to check on FC6 - opengl support in the
radeon driver - unfortunately that's a bust too :-).

Anyway, I think I've probably caused enough trouble for now, so
maybe I'll go off and play with something else for a while...

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