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Re: Questions from a testing newbie

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Jay Cliburn wrote:
> Today I took my first steps into the world of FC test releases by
> installing FC6T1, and I have a few questions as a result.
> After installing, I performed a yum update and was astonished to see 145
> new packages available, amounting to more than 180 megabytes of
> downloads.  I presume this to be because test1, even though released
> just a day or two ago, was frozen several days ago, and all these
> updates get it caught up to today's development snapshot, right?
> I'm rather bandwidth limited at home, living in a rural community with a
> 256/128 DSL connection (that reset about 10 times today because of a
> flaky phone line on the telco side -- no kidding; I had no phone at all
> for about 4 hours yesterday).  Is the average daily download for the
> development stuff in the tens of megabytes?
> If I keep up with daily updates, will I be current when FC6T2 arrives?
> Will I need to dump test 1 and do a clean install of test 2, or do most
> folks just keep the initial test release installed and continue with
> updates as a way to approximate subsequent releases?
> Thanks for your time,
> Jay
Welcome to the dark side!

Yes you have a bit of a back log due to the freeze.  I don't know about
daily averages as they tend to fluctuate wildly, with weekend traffic
the lowest.  You may want to look closely at the updatesd daemon which
allows yum to download the files for you at night.  I've just barely
looked at it but the config file looks like it will allow downloads
without installs (generally a good idea)  or it will install for you.

Whenever a new test is released it is a snapshot of the development
repo, so you would not have to download a new .iso unless you wanted to
test the install procedure.

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