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Re: Single-boot on Mactel?

On 6/26/06, shrek-m gmx de <shrek-m gmx de> wrote:
- if you are using bluetooth-keyboard (apple) and -mouse (apple) you
have to stop the bluetooth-service

The bluetooth support totally disappointed me, so I finally got a USB
keyboard and mouse. More secure that way at any rate.

- the atheros wlan does not work out of the box (madwifi)

Drivers are available through Livna (not for testing releases, though
-- so just do an SVN checkout of the madwifi tree and run "make")

- snd_hda_intel seems to be ok but absolutely no sound.


- system-config-display would allow1280x1024 but the max. resolution
with gnome-display-properties is 1024x786

There is a hack-around for this using 915resolution, but I'm assured
that this will be a non-issue in the nearest future.

(The rest of the bugs are not mactel-specific).

Konstantin Ryabitsev
Montréal, Québec

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