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Re: Single-boot on Mactel?

There's a number of wireless driver rpms on freshrpms.net that could
be used as a base for packages and with the 2.6 kernel you build out
of tree drivers without having to rebuild the kernel so with a bit of
package foo I wouldn't have thought it would be too hard to get rpms..


On 6/26/06, Thorsten Leemhuis <fedora leemhuis info> wrote:

Konstantin Ryabitsev schrieb:
> On 6/26/06, shrek-m gmx de <shrek-m gmx de> wrote:
>> - the atheros wlan does not work out of the box (madwifi)
> Drivers are available through Livna (not for testing releases, though
> -- so just do an SVN checkout of the madwifi tree and run "make")

Well, rebuilding kernel-modules for testing is a fun job and a lot of
work. But if somebody wants to try livna maybe could grand the
permissions to trusted contributors.

Rebuilding the kmod-SRPM locally should be easy, too.


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