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Re: Still Can't Set Proper Screen Resolution

Andy Burns wrote:

I'll try the laptop undocked and make sure it detects the internal widescreen LCD ok

I updated my FC6T1 to 26-JUN-2006 xorg/libx rawhide components, re-started Xorg and tried laptop un-docked, it detected the internal panel as 1280x800, but then ruled out the nv driver's 1280x800 modes due to either (hsync out of range) or (bad mode clock/interlace/doublescan) it ended up picking a 848x480 mode horribly stretched to fit the screen.

I then tried un-commenting the HorizSync/vertRefresh settings from xorg.conf, and when restarting X I then got proper 1280x800 mode

So docked with external DVI 1280x1024 LCD only works *with* DDC
and un-docked with internal WXGA 1280x800 LCD only works *without* DDC


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